Welcome to ARENA FREIGHT BV’s website, we are an international transportation company that has grown, by deliberately keeping matters small-scale. This approach ensures short communication lines, which in turn enables us to guarantee you fast service. Since 1987, ARENA FREIGHT BV, a subsidiary of the fast expanding ARENA GROUP which also includes ARENA WAREHOUSING BV, has been making daily trips from The Netherlands and Belgium to England and vice versa. We’ve also added France to our portfolio lately.

We uphold a no-nonsense policy, which means that when we make promises, we make sure we keep them. Not only that, we will only ever bill you for the actual size of your freight, and nothing else. Click through to the page of your choice for information on our transportation, storage and transferservices. In these areas you can rely on ARENA’s specialism also.

ARENA FREIGHT BV, your 24/7 partner for the shortest route to export efficiency. Our keywords are: outstanding and reliable. “The world is our arena, our trucks the team players. We make sure each ‘player’ reaches his target. With flexibility and accuracy.”

Victor van Ewijk, director